The Right To One’s Own Health Is Individual Responsibility

Our personal health is vitally important and every aspect is a major responsibility that must never be taken lightly. Health is often referred to as man’s irreplaceable personal wealth and rightly so because this treasure is very significant above and beyond anything that a person takes care of. It should also be understood that health in the human being should be taken more seriously than any other living creature on the planet. Health consists of the overall functioning of the internal and external being, be it male or female and health cannot only include just the internal or external alone; being health always refers to the inside and outside. Others define and consider a healthy person as someone that is a holistically and positively functioning being in general society, mind, body and soul.

Health is usually defined as the absence of disease, illness, impairment and is the one aspect that man sometimes finds difficult to maintain at the level it should be to remain optimal and in top form. Many are the times that pains and aches in various body locations will come and go without any explanation as well as the unexpected injuries and traumas that no one can really prepare for. There are fine examples that really do support the necessity for health and medical insurance coverage benefits.

Insurance companies have several ways to formulate and offer great deals on insurance that will give each person or situation the adequate coverage required. Businesses also have benefit packages for their employees that include free medical services for their dedication to the company. There are however, fees that must be paid when admission to a health treatment facility is necessary or just a medical check up. In addition to these bills there are prescription drug coverage that generally is included in a heath insurance plan.

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Spirulina Health Benefits, Side Effects And Nutrition Facts

Spirulina health benefits: fact or fiction?There are a large number of reported Spirulina health benefits, and it is increasing in popularity as a supplement and food source, even being branded one of the ‘super-foods’ and ‘future-foods’ by many companies. NASA, the World Health Organization and several governments of developing nations have shown an interest in it. But as with many supplements and less well known food sources, it is not always easy to distinguish scientifically proven fact from optimism and clever marketing. This article discusses some of the possible Spirulina health benefits, current scientific evidence, Spirulina nutrition facts, and possible Spirulina side effects. Spirulina is expensive as a supplement, so if you are going to invest your hard-earned cash in it, make sure you read this article to see if it is really worth it.
Spirulina in tablet form as a supplement See all 5 photos Source: By Perdita at the English Wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons What is Spirulina?Spirulina is an edible blue-green micro-alga which grows wild in Africa, Asia, Central and south America. It is made into supplements also, as seen in the picture here. There are technically 2 different kinds of spirulina: Arthrospira Platensis and Athrospira Maxima. These 2 species were re-classified as Arthrospira rather than Spirulina. However, the general word Spirulina has stuck as it has been used for so long.
It has been used as a food for centruries by South Americans and North Africans. It grows wild in fresh water lakes, though has also been grown in processing plants in some countries since the late 1960′s. It has an adaptable nature and is known for its survival ability – perhaps another reason it has received such a name for itself.

Spirulina nutrion factsTo understand the reason why there are so many reported Spirulina health benefits, it is worth looking at its nutritional content, as this is where the claims to it being a super-food are based: the rich and varied nutritional content.
According to the US National Agricultural Library’s National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, the nutritional content of 100g of dried Spirulina is listed in the table below.
Please bear in mind when looking at the table that the nutritional values are listed per 100 grams. In reality, you would be eating no more than 6-10 grams of Spirulina per day if taking it daily, with the occasional possible therapeutic booster dose of around 16 grams.
Spirulina nutritional content


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Pink California License Plates Would Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

Every October the entire country participates in various charity events and promotions to raise awareness for the fight against breast cancer. If you’re a sports fan, you’ve probably noticed that even the NFL gets in on the action by having its players wear Breast Cancer Awareness Month promotional products on Sundays-and Mondays-and sometimes Thursdays, for that matter.

The entire month of October is basically a war against the disease that more than 200,000 women are newly diagnosed with each year. It’s not enough. One month out of the year isn’t enough. Or, at least, it’s not for a few Californian women who are pushing for their state to institute a year-round breast cancer awareness option.

The four women, who call themselves the -Survivor Sisters,- are pushing for the introduction of a pink California license plate that successfully passed through the State Assembly on May 29 thanks to a unanimous vote, reports CBS San Francisco. It’s a great first step, but the bill (AB 49) still has several more to climb before pink license plates start appearing on California cars. The State Senate’s transportation committee will have to pass it before it’s sent to the Governor Jerry Brown for his signature.

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Take a Menopause treatment when you monthly hormone activity starts to change

Women of a certain age expect to go through the menopause; it’s a fact of life. Once their PMS symptoms start to alter and the monthly hormone cycle enters a new phase it can be a good time to find a menopause treatment that actually works. Certain telltale signs are pretty good indicators of when it’s time to start taking a Menopause treatment, hot flushes, sudden mood swings and night sweats are common indicators that a menopause treatment might be required. A Menopause treatment is designed to alleviate the symptoms and products like Femolene are a proven, reliable product supplied through This Menopause treatment contains slow release formulas and a range of active ingredients.

A slow release Menopause treatment targets hormone imbalances and it can also be used for PMS symptoms as well. The slow realising formulas of a Menopause treatment from provide ladies with support throughout the day. One of the key ingredients in the menopause treatment is Soya Isoflavones (Soya SR) which cause a mild and gentle Estrogenic action. Women find it easier to cope with the symptoms of the menopause by taking Femolene it’s a powerful type of Menopause treatment that helps to alleviate a wide range of symptoms that ladies suffer from when their monthly hormone activity starts to change.

Its bad enough you have to endure hot flushes and night sweats when your hormones become unbalanced that on its own is a good reason to take a menopause treatment like Femolene bought through However, when you start to feel anxious, start to suffer from memory loss, vaginal dryness and other uncomfortable symptoms you need fast relief with an effective Menopause treatment. Taking a treatment isn’t complicated all you have to do is swallow one tablet in the morning right after you have had breakfast. Then you can get on with your day and feel better in the knowledge that a Menopause treatment is helping you as you go through this change in life. Look online at and you’ll find a market-leading menopause treatment along with plenty of products that can help alleviate PMS symptoms as well.

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Underactive Thyroid – Hypothyroidism Causes, Symptoms And Natural Treatment

Hypothyroidism is related with thyroid gland which is unable to produce enough thyroid hormone which is required by our body. It is even more common than hyperthyroidism. Most of the people are affected by hypothyroidism. The problem of hypothyroidism usually affects women with increasing age. It may be the result of any surgery or any type of treatment against hyperthyroid.

Hyperthyroid grows gradually but one can observe its symptoms suddenly which include severe muscle cramps in the arms, neck, legs, back and shoulders, mental sluggishness, hoarseness, swollen facial features and also enlarged tongue.

The main causes of hypothyroidism -

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